What has been written about her:

(…) Hanna Balińska, or Princess Helena, thanks to her qualities, is really delicate, ethereal and beautiful in the Sienkiewicz style, more similar to heavenly apparitions than to flesh and blood women.

J. Tetter

(…) first of all, Hanna Balińska in the title role of Maliczewska has a special, slightly stern charm and ideally renders the climate of the character. Neither too flirtatious, nor too sophisticated – she is like something straight out of that era. And how nicely she moves, she`s so temperamental and fresh!

Jan Paweł Gawilik

(…) I liked Hanna Balińska - Korsztyn most, specially thanks to her eye-catching smoothness of movement.

Jan Paweł Gawilik

(…) sincerity, simplicity and freshness emanated from Desdemona, played by Hanna Balińska. This young actress has stage looks and charm and lots of natural expression.

Roman Szydłowski

(…) what strikes one instantly is, above all, the fantastic appearance, exceptional charm and breathtaking sex appeal of the beautiful Hanna Balińska. She`s undoubtedly number one beauty on the stages of Warsaw, and even… the whole of Poland!

Andrzej Nałęcz Jawecki

(…)she is an actress of outstanding appearance and great drama and comedy capabilities.

Kazimierz Dejmek